Advice on Proper Care of Equipment Upon Re-Opening After Covid-19

by Andrew

If your MFD/Printer has had reduced or no usage over an extended period, here are some suggestions to properly prepare your device for normal usage:

  • If equipment was left powered on, please turn power off using the main power switch.
  • With anti-bacterial wipes, gently wipe all exterior surfaces of equipment. Please pay special attention to the operation panel. No hard scrubbing on any touchscreens.
  • Remove and discard any paper left in machine (all paper sources).
  • Remove each toner bottle. Shake carefully without creating toner mist in the air.
  • Reinstall toner bottles.
  • Add fresh paper to trays.
  • Power on machine.
  • Print this document as a test.
  • If your print job fails, you may need to reboot your computer.
  • Make 5 copies of this document to ensure proper toner coverage.
  • If all pages print successfully and the quality is satisfactory, you should be good to go.


Keep in mind that OMNI is here and fully available to assist if you encounter any issues.